Oct 05 2007

Fortnightly Update for 4th October

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Weekly Update

1. New blogs debuting in the Top 100 Australian Blogs

2. New blogs on the Australian Blogs Community

David Jacobson’s External Insights
My Little Drummer Boys
Soul Solutions
crazy meezer
ImportJap – The Import and Japanese Car Enthusiast Blog
Philippine Contract Workers Centre
Health, lifestyle & money
dLook Discount Coupons
Debt Diet

Reminder: Anybody who would like to add (or update) the Aussie blogs from Bumpzee to their blogroll can find an A to Z list and a downunder version (Z to A). Snoskred keeps these updated weekly.

We now have 160 members, 184 blogs, 12601 entries. Is your blog there?

Special shout out to Megan from Imaginif (and others) who so very nicely flew the Bumpzee community flag at the recent Australian Blogging Conference (more on this below). Glad a few of you got the chance to meet :)

Astute viewers might also notice that I’ve put a widget in my sidebar which displays the first few 200 or so characters of the latest entries from blogs in this community. The BlogRush widget had been demoted. Anyone interested can customise their own (size and colour) by clicking here.

3. Video of the Week

The first recorded IT guy – good for a laugh, especially if you’ve ever been involved in computer support. Thanks mum for the link.

4. Other News

Last night I attended a launch party for JobX and it was a fun night. JobX has recently entered the online job classified and are doing things a little differently:

Instead of waiting for the right job to appear, you can now help what’s out there come directly to you through making yourself visible with your own JOBX URL, My Broadcast and network tools.

They’re also running a cool competition to win a Jeep or Vespa (1 Jeep Wrangler and 3 Vespas). All you need to do to enter is register at JobX (see terms and conditions). The competition closes on 19th October.

(disclosure: JobX are advertisers on dLook which I founded)


Dan Walsh sent me an update on kwoff (which I covered recently) , announcing the media partners, who could not be named earlier, as Stephen Mayne and Greg Barns from the ‘Crikey‘ stable. More on this at LifeHacker.


I see the ACCC v Google case has taken an interesting turn. The Age has the news which Simon at Eight Black discusses at ACCC Escalates Google Case.


The Age had a good write up about gnoos and Ben BarrenThe Gnoos is Good for Bloggers. Excerpt:

While he’s pleased with the successful launch of gnoos.com.au, Mr Barren has no illusions about the competition in this space. While gnoos.com.au has a unique regional focus, he estimates it might take competitors a few months to duplicate this capability, and those competitors include google and Technorati, a blog indexing service that indexes nearly 100 million blogs compared to the 100,000 indexed at gnoos.com.au.


An Australian advertising agency is in the poo over plagiarism:

Ricoh Australia said they would not pull the advertisement from television.

“While Ricoh Australia accepts there are certainly incidental similarities between the script and Dr Aaronson’s lecture, out of its original context, the sentence’s purpose has been transformed from education to entertainment,” a spokeswoman said. Love Communications won the Ricoh Australia advertising account, worth more than $1 million, in April 2005, according to AdNews.

Sounds like a cop out. See also Dr Aaronson’s blog post (234 comments to date). The ad in question:


I’ve been collecting links about the recent Australian Blogging Conference. However, Des Walsh has done a lot more justice than I would have with his comprehensive BlogOz Australian Blogging Conference Roundup. Nice work, Des!


This fornight’s Carnival of Australia is being hosted by Bryce at A Strangled Duck. Next edition is at Soho Life, so get your submissions in for Kathie by Monday.



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8 Responses to “Fortnightly Update for 4th October”

  1. Megan over at Imaginifon 05 Oct 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Ahhh, thanks for the shout out Meg. I did nothing more than spread the truth about our Aussie community at Bumpzee.

  2. Des Walshon 05 Oct 2007 at 3:15 pm

    It was a pleasure – doing the roundup reminded me of what a stimulating day it was. It also indulged the unreconstructed historian in me.

  3. Snoskredon 05 Oct 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Tis done – new update is uploaded.

    Bloggers, Don’t forget NaBloPoMo – and there is a group especially for The Aussies ! 😉


  4. Megon 05 Oct 2007 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks Snos

    Wrist slap – I had meant to mention NaBloPoMo.

  5. rodon 06 Oct 2007 at 1:25 am

    Love the new Widget!!

    Glad you pointed out the article on gnoos, it’s interesting that they are looking towards a news style approach – as from the article “We want to convert our site into an Australian, blog-focused newspaper, personalised based on what you’re interested in.”. It would seem that was hugely successful for buzztracker.com.

    Although I think theaustralianindex.com has done a really good job of this so far, it’s a site I use a fare bit although they could probably do with a design makeover to get a little more attention.

    I’m hearing on the grapevine there is a few people playing around with latent semantic indexing or analysis to develop news style blog portals, so there might be a few more coming to play the game!

    All sounds like there is plenty of people working on plenty of things for the Australian scene – exciting times ahead!

  6. Megon 06 Oct 2007 at 10:48 am

    Hi Rod

    Thanks – there does seem to be a bit of a buzz happening. I’m sure the Australian Blogging Conference helped. It’ll be an interesting space to watch.

  7. Simon Chenon 10 Oct 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Meg, thanks for the link and I’m enjoying your blog. You’ve got some solid content. I’ll be at Web 2.0 next week in the US and I’ll be talking with some Google folks about their take on the ACCC case, now that its between them now (in terms of Google US versus the ACCC) and not Google Aus and Google Ireland. Stay in touch…and come along to MODM next month in Melbourne if you are around!

  8. Megon 11 Oct 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Hi Simon

    Thanks for the kind words – likewise by the way. I agree it will be interesting to hear what they have to say. I’ll watch out for an update. MODM sounds like fun – just a little too far :(