Mar 30 2007

StreetAdvisor – Hyperlocal Wikipedia

Australian startup StreetAdvisor launched this week and has received a huge amount of coverage. GigaOM, Mashable, SearchEngineLand and TechCrunch among those to review.

Street Advisor 

Essentially people in 26 countries can log in and rate their street (Google maps mashup) according to a 5 characteristics

  • StreetVIBE
  • StreetWIRED
  • StreetHEALTH
  • StreetVALUE

There’s a wealth of valuable content to be generated here (Reviews, GuideBoard and StreetBoard) and it’s got the potential to be a hyperlocal (or as Search Engine Land calls it Micro-Local) wikipedia.

I wonder if this will escalate neighbourhood squabbles to a whole new level?

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2 Responses to “StreetAdvisor – Hyperlocal Wikipedia”

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  2. Intercâmbio na Austráliaon 26 Jun 2007 at 1:07 pm

    The only real problem with StreetAdvisor is that there is no content right now! That’s the classic chicken-egg problem… If you’ve got no content, how are you going to retain your users? If you don’t retain your users, how are you going to get content?
    That really sucks, because it’s a very well designed site and we sure could use something like this here in Brazil (there’s only one review for Brazil).
    I think that they should have started the service with only one city (like Trulia did) and then moved on to other cities.
    How’s the service working for Australia?