Feb 07 2009

An Open Letter to Mr Craig Isherwood of the CEC (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)

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Mr Craig Isherwood
Citizens Electoral Council
595 Sydney Road
Coburg VIC 3058

Dear Mr Isherwood

You know today I had a really crap day. I’m sure you couldn’t care less.

At the end of a long, frustrating day the last thing someone feels like is fending off spam emails like the ones you are sending. I just received the sixth copy of the emailed press release entitled “Storm Financial a case for an Australian Pecora Commission”, and all were addressed to customised condolence email addresses (which are intended to convey condolence messages to the families of deceased people). I have come to the conclusion that you are nothing but a two bit spammer amongst the ranks of sellers of pharmaceutical products I will never have the need for and replica watches I will never buy.

Furthermore these email address could only have been obtained via raking (scraping email addresses from websites). Which indicates to me one of two things. Either you are buying crap email lists from a disreputable source and couldn’t care less, or you are engaging someone to obtain these on your behalf. Frankly, I don’t particularly care which – the net effect is the same. SPAM.

I responded as such to the fifth email you sent, but I’m sure it will get lost amongst a sea of abuse. This is not the first incidence, but I certainly hope it’s the last. You honestly do nothing for your cause by flooding inboxes with your unsolicited messages – as important as you may feel they are. I happen to be one of the most apolitical people you will ever meet. And frankly I’m happy that way.

“We hope you found this message useful. As a registered political party‚ the CEC receives e-mail addresses from various sources”

No I didn’t find it useful – and irrespective of whether you are a registered political party or not, I’d seriously question the integrity of your “various sources”.

Dude – you got the wrong chick on the wrong day.

Yours sincerely



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14 Responses to “An Open Letter to Mr Craig Isherwood of the CEC (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia)”

  1. Fat Bastardon 07 Feb 2009 at 12:48 am

    As a further to the above post I would like to add that I also receive the shite from this piss-poor spammer.
    A registered political party huh?
    Perhaps you should also register your party as a bunch of f—wits who get off on inflicting spam on any email address they can get their hands on.
    Yes, by the way I have unsubscribed on each and every email I receive from these low lifes but they keep on coming.
    Do you ever wonder why you have never had the slighest support in the polls fella?
    I can help you with the answer. It’s because you continually advertise the fact that you are a wanker of such magnitude that you make even a crooked pollie look good.
    In closing I wish you the maximum damage when you get hit by a bus.

  2. Kelleyon 07 Feb 2009 at 11:01 am

    I get this shit all the time, not from this particular dude though. There must be a very lucrative ‘carers’ list and they send me crap about how they care about the plight of carers. I call bullshit.

    Sic him Meg.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Wanna pop my cherry?

  3. Mistress Bon 08 Feb 2009 at 1:43 am

    kick butt Meg.

    Mistress B’s last blog post..Did you know…..

  4. Liamon 11 Feb 2009 at 3:17 pm

    I get these emails as well. I’d unsubscribe from the list, but I find some of the content too funny.

    Its always nice to see them include predictions in their emails. My favourite is the Nov 22, 2008 email, in which the CEC described how the British government would assassinate Barack Obama before January 20 this year.

    Another classic prediction is the email from 6th December 2007. In this email, Craig Isherwood describes how the Labour and Green parties are in league to (and I quote):

    “collapse the world’s population from 6.5 billion people to a billion or less”

    Yes, the tree hugging greens are out to commit mass genocide. Only on the internet can you find comedy like this.


  5. Phil Westwoodon 11 Feb 2009 at 4:49 pm

    I also get regular emails from this turkey and find some of them rather fun. But today’s was totally offsensive – about the horrendous deaths in the Victorian wildfires being a result of ‘criminal government negligence’ and advocating more presribed burns to make the bush ‘safe’.
    The reality is that contrary to dreams of Mr Isherwood, there is no scientific evidence to establish that ‘fuel reduction’ burns actually reduce fire risks in Victoria (or anywhere else). Indeed there is strong evidence to show that regular burning can increase fire danger by modifying vegetation types. Regular burns can change forest type from damp to dry and make it more prone to wildfire.
    The push for more prescribed burns is simply a knee-jerk reaction designed to grab publicity for the CEC.
    I suppose by discussing it he has succeeded…………..?

  6. Daveon 12 Feb 2009 at 10:28 am

    Now this halfwit has already started the political point scoring and blame gaming for personal benefit before the bodies of the fire victims are even cold.

    What a moron.

    This is the sort of crap that makes him about as useful to society as an arsonist.


    Government greenies & cost-cutters killed more on ‘Black Saturday’ than arsonists
    “The long-term effects of greenie and economic rationalist policies killed more than 180 people in the Victorian bushfires on ‘Black Saturday’, and the perpetrators of those policies in government must be held accountable,”
    “This is a case of criminal government negligence, or worse,”
    “The issue is fuel reduction burning—the Victorian government has been repeatedly and stridently warned, by scientists and forestry professionals of the highest expertise who are only now getting the media attention they deserve, that its failure to manage the fuel load in Victoria’s forests will lead to disaster—and it has.”
    Mr Isherwood attacked Prime Minister Rudd’s public seizing on the arson issue, and Premier Brumby’s promise of a Royal Commission, as a smokescreen.
    “The issue is government policy, and they know it.
    “Victoria doesn’t need a Royal Commission; it has had two Royal Commissions, by Judge Stretton, into the Victorian bushfire disasters of 1939 and 1944, and the result was crystal clear: the bushfire disasters then, as now, were caused by what the Judge called ‘ridiculously inadequate’ prescribed burning of the forests, and he mandated ‘fire prevention must be the paramount consideration of the forester’.
    “For forty years, fuel reduction burning was practised as a scientific forestry management measure, until the intervention of, first, radical greenies in the Cain/Kirner Labor Government, and then, radical economic rationalists in the Kennett Government.
    “Environmental concerns for ‘biodiversity’ etc. were increasingly cited to stop fuel reduction burns in the Cain/Kirner years, and then Kennett slashed the Department’s budget and staff, and gutted its ability to do prescribed burns.
    “In 1992 the Auditor-General found that the Department of Conservation and Environment [now Sustainability and Environment] had cut expenditure on fire prevention by 23 per cent over five years, and in 2003 the Auditor-General found that the amount of prescribed burning had never met the Department’s targets.”
    Mr Isherwood explained, “Prescribed burning doesn’t stop bushfires, but it dramatically reduces the intensity of the type of wildfires that erupt on extreme fire danger days like Saturday.
    “Without prescribed burning, to encourage people to make their own decision to ‘leave early or stay’, implies they have a chance that they don’t really have, and condemns them to death.
    “I am appalled by the loss of life in this unprecedented tragedy, and my heart goes out to those affected,” Mr Isherwood concluded, “But the victims and survivors alike will only be honoured if we ensure this can never happen again.
    “The only inquiry needed, is into the government leaders and department heads who ignored the repeated warnings of the experts, that their negligence would lead to this disaster.”
    Authorised: Robert Barwick‚ 595 Sydney Rd‚ Coburg‚ Vic 3058

  7. takdogon 12 Feb 2009 at 3:55 pm

    gee,i was having a crap day aswell meg.till i red yer post…great stuff .
    Larooch and his loonies were junk mailing my home at a previous address(reason for move)they reminded me scientologists(CRAZY
    CRUISERS) thanks fer cheering me up :)

  8. Jim Dornan - Network 21on 01 Mar 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Ive had the fortune of not experiencing such propaganda.
    I do hope you report them to the SPAM authorities:


    Jim Dornan – Network 21’s last blog post..Making profits?

  9. Nicole Priceon 02 Mar 2009 at 1:11 pm

    LOL! I really enjoyed that rant. Can I copy and send that to one or two problem causing spammers I have to suffer? :)

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Travel Tips to Save you Money

  10. christoon 12 Mar 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Think of a human weakness, anything that is a manifestation of ignorance, greed, ineffectiveness, xenophobia etc. Then pander politically to each in turn. Like appealing to protectionism as against an open economy. Like regarding the banks as “banksters” rather than a key enabling plank in the financial economy. Like regarding floating-rate mortgage finance as repression rather than a liberating access to capital that is otherwise not available. Like associating the ills of the world with transnational conspiracies rather than, for the most part, happenstance, obeying the law of unforeseen consequences. Like seeing Judaism as equal to Zionism as equal to just about every one of the aforementioned international conspiracies. Our governments can’t organize that well within one country. Like seeing the CIA as enabling 9/11 rather than another completely different, ideologically driven, fanatic organization. I find it hard to believe that any one person could subscribe to all of the CEC’s policy platforms. All I can surmise (from their ability to garner political donations and members) is that the CEC brand of populism appeals to the uneducated, the fearful, the xenophobic, the put-upon, the gun-toting, the flag-draping, and the us-and-them victims. The CEC is scoring off the politics of fear and loathing.

  11. Jacques | Website Designon 27 Mar 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Spammers are the bane of my existence, and the sad thing is that apart from all the viagra and fake degree mails, there are some newsletters that offer fairly good content, but arrive unsolicited nevertheless. These people are actually doing their own cause no good, because as a matter of principle I will not listen to their story, and go out of my way to label them as spammers.

  12. LJPon 31 Mar 2009 at 3:05 pm

    Hi Meg,

    I too have received some rather loony info from the CEC… These guys make tabloid TV and newspapers look quite intelligent…

    LJP’s last blog post..Soaps Soaps Soaps!!

  13. Jacques | Website Designon 03 Apr 2009 at 1:09 am

    Hiya There! I’m a South African researching Aussie liufe, and would love to see some more posts on your blog! Keep them coming please, and may the best team win in the upcoming ODI series between OZ & South Africa!

  14. Deepak Bista, Adelaideon 12 Apr 2009 at 12:04 pm

    I agree with you.